Should you get snipped?

There are a few pros and cons of vasectomy operations. Clearly, deciding to undergo this procedure will change a person’s life, possibly forever. Therefore, before deciding to take on such a dramatic change, it’s only natural to weigh the positive and negative effects of the decision. Here is everything you will need to know.


There are many positive reasons for somebody to want to undergo this process. The most favorable outcome of undergoing this surgery is you’ll no longer need to practice safe sex to avoid pregnancy. Sex after vasectomy operations is still just as satisfying, but without the consequences (though guys should wait a few weeks afterward before trying to have sexual intercourse).

The vasectomy failure rate is very low and is normally only a problem when men don’t go through with a follow up exam. Therefore, vasectomy effectiveness is practically guaranteed. Additionally, the processes of a vasectomy have evolved, resulting in the elimination of cutting. This is because the microscopic vasectomy procedure was replaced with the no scalpel vasectomy.

Ultimately, the operation is significantly safer than tubal ligation, the feminine equivalent of vasectomies.


Some men could possibly experience both a vasectomy and pregnancy (more specifically, their partner would experience the pregnancy). However, this is a fairly rare occurrence (as if it was not so uncommon nobody would get a vasectomy in the first place).

Therefore, you should not rely on having the ability to reverse the operation. For those who can reverse it, do not forget that pregnancy after vasectomy reversal can take as long as a year to occur. A failed vasectomy is the maximum vasectomy problem, but doctors are generally lax on charging for another operation, should the first one fail.

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If you are still interested in having this operation, contact a vasectomy doctor to see if it’s ideal for you. Furthermore, consider every vasectomy alternative, as putting on and taking off condoms is much easier than undergoing and reversing vasectomies. Vasectomy prices vary, depending on who you talk to, so shop around and seek out the best value you can.

Bear in mind, although vasectomies are almost always successful, you must always meet with your doctor afterwards to ensure that the procedure went flawlessly. This will prevent accidental pregnancies, Pest Critter Controland infections. It’s much easier to speak with a physician about a vasectomy than it is to bring a child in to the world, so be careful and responsible.

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