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Halloween is on the way, and one of the best approaches to take with your costume this year is to pick a recognizable icon from one of everybody’s favorite TV shows. For a very scary twist, you can try dressing up like one of the zombies in The Walking Dead. Not only will people be startled out of their wits when you come shuffling around, but you’ll be bringing back the undead feeling that Halloween is supposed to be about anyway.

Presently, there have been lots of movies, TV shows, comics, and other media that feature some type of zombie creature over time, but the zombies in The Walking Dead are a tiny bit different aesthetically. For one, they tend to be a bit more gruesome and “real.” A good general attribute you can go for if you are trying to embody one of these kinds of zombies is to focus on missing flesh.

On the series, unlike classics like Night of the Living Dead, the majority of the zombies are missing body parts and their skin is falling off. After all, you’re basically going to be a walking corpse for Halloween. Here are some tips on how to pull this look together:

Clothes – Obviously, you’re likely to need ripped and tattered clothes, so you might want to visit a thrift shop and grab some threads which are not too expensive. When you make the rips and tears, have them look realistic. Try to give the appearance that you have been in a few fights with fellow zombies and that you’ve been dragged through the mud a few times. Insert some blood stains with maroon makeup or another sort of ink.

Get some makeup and make your skin take on a gray tint like that of a corpse. Make your eyes look sunken in, or make it look like one of your eyes is missing. For those 3D kinds of effects, such as for example a gash on your cheek or skin that’s melting off your face and revealing the rotting muscle beneath, you’re going to probably want to use a latex prosthetic.

Only a simple latex scar kit probably is not going to be enough, though; zombies are usually quite a bit more disfigured than that, so you’ll have to spring for something fancier to look “Animal-Pros.” If you can not afford it, there are some home-brew ways of achieving similar effects using gelatin and other compounds. Have a look at some tutorials on YouTube if you’re in doubt.

Body – Ideally, your ribs are showing. If you’re not skinny enough to pull off this naturally, you might have the ability to find a zombie chest plate which makes you look quite a bit more bony and undead. Otherwise, you can imply the decomposing parts of you beneath by soaking parts of your shirt in fake blood.

These are the primary elements to use if you’re putting together a good zombie costume that’s inspired by The Walking Dead. Just be certain that you that you keep your zombie instincts in check; you don’t want to wind up getting chased around by survivors of the apocalypse.

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